Saturday, 28 April 2012

Easy to make flower press ... ...

Pressing flowers is not a new idea, people have been using dried and pressed flowers (and other plants) for many many years, and all you need to make your own press is 2 bits of wood and 4 bolts with wingnuts (wingnuts make it easier to use the press) and a few bits of cardboard for packing.

Or of course you could use the tried and tested method of sticking the flowers in a heavy book, if however you have ten minutes free you can make a small flower press for very little money, and you'll be able to read that heavy book should want to without having to worry about the flowers in it, as it happens my wife still has the Periwinkle flower I picked for her when we first got together in a book somewhere.

Okay, firstly you'll need two bits of wood of equal size, square or rectangles will do, I used 12mm plywood for my press, it's what I had lying about, but any sheet material 12mm or thicker should be okay for this (mdf for example) if it's any thinner it will bend too much and things won't press evenly.

The top and bottom parts of the press -

Ignore the circles.

I made mine six inches square, I marked the cross on it so that I could get the holes for the bolts in a good place.

Marks for bolts - 

I measured in about half an inch.

Next I cut out the two squares, then all that needed to be done was drill the holes for the four bolts. I used long bolts, this way I can pack quite a lot of flowers and such like into the press, the bolts and wingnuts can be picked up in most diy shops and hardware type shops for very little money, the same goes for the wood, you might even find a piece in the off cut bin.

The bolts and wingnuts -

I used four inch long bolts.

Once you have your four holes drilled (one in each corner) you'll need some cardboard so that you can layer things up, I cut four bits, but will need more if I want to try and press larger amounts of flowers.

Cardboard packing - 

I cut the corners off so they didn't get in the way of the bolts.

And that's about as complex as it gets, you're ready to start pressing flowers, just get some paper and some flowers and get pressing, you can use pressed flowers for all sorts of things, on homemade cards for example, or to make pictures with.

Completed press - 

Already in use.

Here's some I tried, they weren't really left long enough, but it will give you an idea of the overall effect.

Pressed flowers - 

They need to be left for a few weeks really.

This press is so easy to make, and great for kids to use and indeed make themselves, the only tools you need are a tape measure,drill and a drill bit large enough for the bolt holes and a saw to cut the wood, an easy diy project for all ages.

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  1. Have just emailed this to the OH. Hint....hint...


    1. Well it's a pretty quick make, so shouldn't put your OH out too much :-)