Monday, 20 June 2011

Knitted back scrubber ... ...

It seems there is some kind of singularity or some other anomaly that eats random objects from our house, least that's my theory. The latest thing to be eaten is the back scrubber we had in the bathroom, we have no idea where it went it's just vanished, although I suspect it'll turn up in years to come in a very strange place for a back scrubber.

I have to say I was a little annoyed at it's disappearance, as back scrubbers go it was a good one, nothing special, just plastic with plastic bristles, but it did the job :-)
So I decided I would make one, although not out of plastic and it's not a brush either, it's just not satisfying to get out of the shower without giving your back a good scrub.

Here it is -

Yes it's knitted, and yes it is made of string :-)
Yes I've been knitting again ;-) it may seem odd to use string in this way, but we noticed when I made the dish cloths that the string was similar to the fancy exfoliating cloths you can get, so I though that string would make a good back scrubbing material, it works well, and cost less than a new back scrubber (under £2) it's washable, not sure this matters considering it's for use in the bath or shower ? and it will start to break down eventually and you can just chuck it on the compost heap when it's reached the end of it's life, so it's biodegradable unlike those nylon shower scrubber things.

Knitting one is easy, even for someone with limited knitting skills such as myself, all you need to do is a basic stitch and knit a strip about 5 or 6 inches (15cm) wide and about 12 inches (30cm) long.
Then you need a couple of straps / handles to hold onto so you can actually use it, to do this I just crocheted 2 chains of string about 12 inches (30cm) long, you can knit them as well, once you have your 2 straps it's just a case of tying them to each corner of the larger strip, a few knots should do the trick.

Here's a picture of each end -

One end with the strap attached.

And the other end, which oddly enough looks very similar ;-)

All finished, ready to scrub :-)
 And there you have it, one fancy recyclable back scrubber for very little money, a ball of parcel string costs about £2 but you can get them from poundland type shops, so if you need a back scrubber because yours has been sucked into another dimension why not knit one from string ?

Thanks for reading.


  1. Yay, for a fellow knitter and brownie points for the recycling aspect! Hubby wants to know is this another take on String Theory!!

    Thanks for sharing


  2. Thanks for reading, I wouldn't say I'm any good at knitting, but I do try :-)