About me...

Not much to say really, I'm a dad of 4 mad kids living with AS and home educating, I'm happily married.

I'm into all sorts of things, photography & digital art, image manipulation and such like, I'm a Linux user, with a " If it isn't broke, fix it until it is " mentality, I also enjoy making stuff, anything really even more so if its from wood I also spend time using my lathe and I'm always turning new things,some of which I sell from time to time.

I like technology, but at the same time I also like to grow stuff in our garden and our allotment.I grow the usual stuff, flowers etc, but also a lot of edible stuff, fruits, veg I also like to grow odd things as well, such as kiwi fruit, sweet potatoes and other things.

I guess you could say I'm into looking after the environment, I have kids and they will be sad if there isn't any environment left when they are grown up.


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  2. How widely spaced are the pegs?

    1. Hello, not sure what you're referring to, can you comment on the post you want more info about please.