Saturday, 29 October 2016

Halloween tree...

We like Halloween, who doesn't ? and as we try and make various things for Halloween one of the simplest we've made is our Halloween tree, which to be honest has been an evolutionary thing, I guess that's the good thing about making things yourself, you can add and change things as you see fit.

Here's one of our Halloween trees from some (four) years ago -

Pretty simple really.

As you can see we basically put some twisty willow twigs into a glass vase, and then added some pumpkin lights and other stuff, it's simple and works and it's easy to pack away and use next year, but it hasn't stayed like this.

A couple of years later and the twigs got an upgrade, this time some gnarly pear twigs - 

Now with added bats.

Again it's some twigs in a vase, a black one this time because Halloween, this one has a few more decorations on it, some bought and some homemade, like the pumpkin sun catchers my wife made.

So this years upgrade is a little more extensive, we've done away with the twigs in a vase and given it a proper base in the form of a chunk of cypress wood, I hollowed it out so that the ends of the twigs would fit into the wood.

And as the wooden base had a door like look to it I made a proper door from a scrap bit of wood and burned the number 13 onto it because Halloween, so now it looks almost like it's someones home, maybe a witch with her cat, who knows but this is a really simple way to make your own Halloween tree, all you need is a chunk of wood and some twigs.

New base and door - 

She might have to duck to get through that.

And here's how this years Halloween tree looks - 

The lights are solar powered.

It's an improvement on a vase I guess, the lights are usb ones we modified and they run off a small solar powered battery pack.

Thanks for reading and happy Halloween.

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