Saturday, 11 June 2016

Couple of sticks and a bit of string...

That's all it takes to make big bubbles, well that and a washer...

It's been a nice warm day today, and as is often the case the kids were in the garden blowing bubbles, so I decided to finally make a bubble wand and prove that a bit of string tied to two sticks makes bigger bubbles than they could blow with those little round plastic things, I know this isn't a remotely new idea, but my kids haven't seen one so they still think I'm a wizard.

Making one is easy, take two sticks and either drill holes in the end or you can just tie the string to the sticks, as I used some spare dowel I drilled holes.

Before you tie the string together slide a couple of washers onto the string, or a bead or anything that has a bit of weight to it, the idea being that the washer (weight) will cause the string to sag in the middle forming a rough triangle shape.

Here's a diagram - 

Here's a few pictures of the one I made - 

Washer - 
Any kind of weight will do.

End of left stick - 

Left stick.

End of right stick - 

Right stick.

The whole thing - 

That looks like it might work.

And that's about it, it's really simple and works well you can make it any size you want, obviously the longer the string the larger the bubbles you can use any old sticks as long as they are sort of straight I used the type of string that you'd use for tying parcels up with (it was the first thing I grabbed) and in all it took about five minutes (if that) to make and the kids used it until they ran out of bubble mixture.

Large bubble blowing commences - 

The cat wasn't as impressed as the kids.

Even bigger - 

They seem to be getting the hang of it.

It was good to see that something this simple can hold their attention for so long, I suspect that had we had a gallon or two of bubble mix, or let them use all our washing up liquid they'd still be out there, and that may well be the down side, it'll cost a fortune in bubble mix or washing up liquid, but it's worth it to hear them laugh and gasp in amazement at the size of bubbles they can make.

Thanks for reading.

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