Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Allotment update...

It's been almost two months since the last allotment update and a fair bit has been going on,and not just at the plot either,things are progressing at home.

This year we seem to be ahead by about a week or so,mainly due to the mild winter,which has allowed us to get things planted a bit earlier and the weather for the most part hasn't been too bad,bit more sun might be in order though.

This was the plot when I got there the other day -

Very green.

Not all of it is weeds,I hadn't done anything to the plot since the last visit and expected a bit of weeding,which didn't take long. It's been easier to keep on top of things as the years go by,what took a few hours two years ago now only takes an hour and as long as we keep on top of things it'll remain easy to deal with.

My main focus this visit was the top section of the plot as I had plans to plant our squash plants,so I had to do a bit of clearing first.

The top section before clearing - 

Spuds are doing well.

 Top section after clearing - 

Looks better now.

It won't be long before one lot of the spuds gets dug up,the rest will stay in the ground for a while yet,once the one lot of spuds are harvested I will plant out our corn plants and anything else we happen to have.

Squash plants in - 

I ran out of room and had to plant some elsewhere.

More squash plants - 

I crammed them in where I could.

Once that was done I also decided to sort out the entrance to the plot,as it turns out the gate I made a while ago has been damaged,so I'll have to fix that on the next visit,but I did get a slab put in to make more of a step which should help the gate open and close better.

Slab in place,just need to fix the gate - 

Not perfect,but the gate opens better now.

Here's the plot once I'd finished - 

All done for now.

And that was it for the plot,next time I visit it'll be more weeding and most likely harvesting our first lot of spuds,and any thing else that happens to be ready,we've got things like beetroot and spinach on the go.

The things we grow at home are doing well,the corn plants are looking good,they'll go into the plot once the spuds are harvested,the asparagus plants we've grown from seeds are growing well,although it'll be a while before they are ready for harvesting.

Corn plants - 

Nearly ready for planting.
Baby asparagus plants - 

They look like ferns at the moment.

The tomato plants have survived the rain we've had (it's been very wet) 

They seem to be okay,they need some sun now.

Our plum tree is covered in plums this year - 

I've had to prop some branches up because of the weight of plums.

By all accounts it will be a good year for fruit,we've apples and pears growing along with loads of logan berries,currants and raspberries,both in the garden and on the raspberry plants we have at the allotment,and we should also get a good crop of grapes from the grape vine I have in the greenhouse,this year it has the most bunches it's ever had.

Baby grapes - 

One of many bunches growing.

And last but not least this year we're trying to see if we can grow some mini pumpkins vertically,which should be fun,and we've also got cucumbers and lemon cucumbers growing,along with some spaghetti squashes,so fingers crossed it will be a good year for crops.

Here's our cucumbers and spaghetti squashes in tubs near our back door - 

Cucumbers grew well here last year.

Stay tuned for the next update,and thanks for reading.

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