Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Oh the horror ! it's Frankenchair ... ...

This is probably one of the most bodgit & scarper things I've done (well almost) however the end result is quite comfy.

A while ago my office chair broke, the chair part was okay it was just the ram that raised it and lowered it that broke, so I got a new chair and kept the seat part from the broken one, well you never know when you might have need of seat.

Last year the wooden rocking chair we got from freecycle also suffered an injury, from the kids who loved it, perhaps a little too much, and again I kept the parts thinking I could fix it, but as it turns out it would have cost a fair bit to sort it out, so the the bits stayed in my shed.

Today I got round to merging the two chairs, I've taken the office chair and basically fixed the rocker from the rocking chair onto the bottom of it, it's worked better than I thought, but it will need some tidying up, that's if I can get it back from the kids who have decided it's theirs now, I had thought I'd use it as a gaming chair, so much for that idea.

Here's Frankenchair -

The bear is not mine.

One leather rocking chair ;-) the spindles that make up the rocker frame don't really go with the rest of it, so I may re-turn them on my lathe, it is very comfy, in fact it's more comfy than the original rocking chair, it looks a little lop sided in the above picture but it's not, honest.

From the side - 

The colour of the arms and the rocker frame don't really match.

You might have noticed the arms, these aren't the originals, I had to make two new arms for the chair a year or two ago, when the plastic ones cracked, I wrote a post about it, which you can find here ---> How to fix the arms of an office chair (opens in new window)

As it turns out the rocker frame was just screwed into the base of the old rocking chair seat, so I fixed the rocker frame to the base of the office chair, which just happened to have a thick piece of plywood in the base, perfect for fixing to.

The base (apologies for the bad picture) - 

6 2 1/2 inch screws and job done.

So although it may not fit in with the rest of the decor it can be used, and is a nice place to sit, despite being two different chairs merged into one monster, my wife has said she may cover it and give it a spruce up.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. It's good to see someone else who upcycles well-used but broken stuff.
    Years ago, before we had chickens free-ranging in the garden and we had grass, I made 'Frankenstein's mower' which was a discarded petrol mower the steel body of which had decayed somewhat. Some hours welding later the beast lived again and carried on its duties for another decade. It wouldn't have won any beauty competitions but it worked!
    I think you've created a tasteful frankenchair.
    Enjoyed the post.
    Cheers, Andy.