Sunday, 27 November 2011

Getting organised ... Sort of ... ...

In a bid to be more productive I have come to the conclusion that I need to be more organised, so I've been trying to get my workshop (okay it's a shed) into some kind of order, especially now as I have a shiny new post drill to find a space for, well I have a space for it, it's just occupied by a load of crap.

One of the things I've found is that rolls of sand paper can get unruly at times, I have quite a bit of sandpaper, of different grades for wood turning and other stuff, so I normally get it on a roll rather than in sheet form, the problem with that is it gets all over the place, so the other day I figured I'd do something about the sandpaper.

And this is the solution, which would work for other things as well -

Scrap wood always comes in handy for this kind of thing.

Yes it's a big roll holder, and I made it from odd bits of plywood I had lying about, as I mentioned this would work for other things as well, rolls of material for example, although you might need to make it wider, rolls of paper and just about anything else you can get on a roll.

All you need is 3 bits of wood, and a length of dowel or an old broom handle or such like, I fixed this together with nails and wood glue, but you could use screws, which might be better for heavier materials.

I cut a strip for the back of the holder, this allows you to fix it to a wall easily, you just need to drill holes through the back.

The sides I cut at a slight sloping angle, but you could just leave them straight, I then cut slots into each side for the dowel, and I also made a small notch in each side so that when you pull on a roll the it doesn't all fly out of the holder.

The sides -

You can see the notch to stop the pole coming out.

I used my multi tool to make the notch.

And that's about it, you could probably pick up the wood to make this in the off cut bin in your local diy type shop, so it needn't be expensive, I used the same peg technique I used for the trug handle to make sure the pole doesn't come out of the holder.

The peg technique - 

Not very neat, but it's for my workshop.

And here's the finished article, it will hold a few rolls of sandpaper, and if I need a bigger one I can just root about in my scrap wood collection for the bits, the holder has now been installed in the workshop and it performs well.

Ta Da !

I have made a few other items for helping me to become more productive, and less chaotic, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.

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