Sunday, 8 May 2011

Heavy duty wooden building blocks ... ...

Just a quick post, been meaning to get this on here for a while, so before I write another how to type post (got one planned for later) I'll get this out of the way.

We are always looking for ways to amuse the kids in the garden, for times when they get tired of hunting for bugs and digging, and as they both like building things with bricks these are ideal, they do have a load of bricks they use in the house, but they aren't really suitable for out door use.

As it turns out I had a load of suitable building blocks for the garden already, in the shape of the wooden blocks that hold pallets together, I normally burn these as I haven't until now found a use for them.

Here they are -

Can't get much durable than these :-)

Now these are perhaps a little rough, so you might want to give them a sand, and they will have nails in them, so obviously in the interest of safety you should remove the nails :-)

So if you have a load of these lying about then you could use them as building blocks for the kids, and if you don't you could always buy a length of wood, something like 3 x 2 and then saw it up into equal sections, or for something a little more rustic you could use logs of different sizes, you could also paint them to add a little colour, or add letters and numbers to them for younger children.

Thanks for reading.

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