Saturday, 31 July 2010

Write like the bard with this attractive pen......well almost...

This is a fun thing for kids to try, my son loves his quill type pen.

To write or not to write ?

You will need a biro type pen and a largish feather, so if you live near a river or somewhere that birds frequent you should be able to find some swan feathers, or maybe a goose feather or two, you will obviously need to collect four feathers if you intend to make four pens etc.

Supplies needed, a feather and a biro type pen -


It's easy to do, you basically need to remove the writing section of the pen and stick it into the feather.

Like this -

It should come out quite easily.

It should come out of the pen easily, but you may need some pliers, you will need some scissors or a sharp knife to snip the end off the feather.
It's a good idea to try and not snip too much off the end of the feather because you want a snug fit for the pen, if you do take too much off, then use a bit of tape or some glue to secure the pen innards into the feather, and that's it, one almost authentic quill, just like Shakespeare would have used, well almost :-)

Thanks for reading.

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