Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Headband holder ... ...

My daughter is always losing her things,specifically her headbands,she has quite a few of them,and she often gets annoyed that she can't find the right one for that particular day.

I always say to her that she should put them some where in her room,where she'll be able to find them again,but she doesn't always remember,so I made her a place for her headbands to live when they aren't on her head.

Here it is -

Not much to it really.

I did look online at various headband holder type things,they mostly seemed to be made from round things,like cardboard tubes,and I didn't have anything that would do,so I made this,it's basically a bit of wood with a rail on it that she can hook the headbands onto.

I also put a peg on so that she can hang her necklaces and bracelets on,as she often loses those as well (despite having numerous jewellery boxes) It's all made from a piece of match board (thin tongue and groove) apart from the peg,that's just a bit of 9mm dowel.

The flower was cut from a scrap bit of wood,and then I painted it to make it look a little nicer,and it adds a bit of colour to the whole thing,once the paint was dry I stuck it to the holder with a bit of glue.

Flower - 

Vaguely flower like.

The peg was also glued into place,I drilled a hole into the wood at and angle so the peg will point upwards,this helps stop things from sliding off.

Peg - 

Just enough room for a few trinkets.

The part that holds the headbands is made by sticking a couple of small squares of wood to a thin strip,which creates a kind of 'c' shape this is then fixed with of a few small nails and a bit of glue to the holder.

Here's a picture that shows how the rail sits away from the back board to create a gap that the ends of the headbands can fit into.

The rail - 

Simple really.

To hang the holder on the door I used four small hooks,two I fixed into the holder at each end,the other two I fixed into the door where the holder now hangs,it's light and doesn't need strong fixings.

And here it is hanging in it's new home - 

It works,and it's out of the way,so it shouldn't get knocked.

The whole thing cost no more than about £2, and now my daughter knows where her headbands are when she needs them.

Thanks for reading.

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