Monday, 12 July 2010

Do you have young children ? if so then you may have a load of these ...

I have a couple of young children, and they seem to have a shed load of toys, all of which came in really strange packaging, I know that the packaging is designed so kids can see the toys in shops and drive their parents mad with "I want that one" pleeeaaasssee mum/dad

But what do you do with the packaging once they have ripped it open on their birthday or christmas ? well there's not a great deal you can do with some of the plastic, or the cardboard, so chuck what you can in the recycle bin, but wait have you ended up with a pile of these ?

These are quite useful.

I have some how ended up with a large amount of these, if I remember correctly I think I got as many as 8 of these little plastic coated wires from 1 toy ! surely that's overkill ? and not to mention annoying because they take ages to get off the toy, all the while you have you kids getting more and more anxious that it's never coming out of it's box.

Well I have found that they can be quite handy, I have used them to mend things, the last being the handle on my hedge trimmer (best not to ask how it broke)
 I'm a keen gardener, not that good (I'm learning though) and I have found these things make good plant ties, as well as holding things together in the garden, for example long canes for growing beans up, and they can be removed and reused time and time again, so rather than throw them away, why not see if you can use them, or see if anyone you know likes growing things and see if they want them ?

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