Monday, 13 December 2010

Homemade quilling tool ... ...

What is quilling ? well you can read a little about it here and here (links open in new window)
Basically it's curling paper to make nice things, you should get the idea from the links above, but for a great example of quilling have a look here ( a shameless plug for my lovely wife's blog)

Quilling tool -

Does what it says on the tin.

Now you don't need a tool to do it, you can use a large needle (large enough to get the paper through the eye) my wife used some card, which makes the finished item stronger, but  tool will make it easier.

You can buy a tool, but they can be a few quid, you can also buy starter kits that contain paper and the tool as well, but for the sake of 5 minutes work it was easier and cheaper to make a tool, Warning ! you will need a sacrificial needle ;-)

To make the tool you will need a needle, some pliers (with a wire cutting section) or some wire cutters, and a stick that feels comfortable to hold, you could instead of a stick use a pencil perhaps.

Here's how to make the tool.

Once you have your stick sorted out, you can decorate it, or carve it or just leave it plain like the one above, you need to fix the needle to the stick, the easiest way I've found is to put the stick in a vice, if you don't have a vice you can manage without, then lightly hammer the needle into the end of the stick (pointed end first of course) it's best to do this before you cut the end off the needle.

Don't hit the needle too hard, you don't want to break it, once it's secure you can then cut the end off the needle.

You can use pliers or wire cutters -

Pliers are good, as long as they have the wire cutting part.
Then carefully snip the end of the needle, try to cut it as close to the top as you can, and it's best to keep your hand over it when you cut as the end will fly off, watch your eyes as well ;-)

Snip carefully - 

Watch your eyes ;-)
And that's pretty much it, when you have cut the end off the needle you should have something that looks like the first picture, below is a close up of the end of the needle after I cut it.

Nearly done - 

Not quite level, but it will work just the same.
All that needs to be done is to smooth the prongs, you can use some fine sand paper, a nail file, or emery cloth, but be careful because you can break the prongs if you are too rough with them, and that's it your very own quilling tool made in just a few minutes and for next to nothing, unless you had to buy some needles ;-)

Here's a nice example of a handmade quilling tool ---> handmade quilling tool

Thanks for reading.

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