Friday, 1 October 2010

When is a drill not a drill ? ... ...

When is a cordless drill not a cordless drill ?

The answer is simple, when it's a whisk of course :-)

This is just a bit of fun I guess, but earlier today my lovely wife was making a Dutch apple cake and part of the recipe involves a fair amount of whisking, which is a pain, especially when you have to do loads of it, and seeing as today I decided to help her I came up with a bright idea (okay I'm lazy) I got one of the whisks we have and pulled it apart (it was already loose) and I stuck the whisky part in the end of my cordless drill, and hey presto instant electric whisk :-)

Improvisation - 

Quick thinking ? Not really.
Now there is a point to this post, apart from if you get stuck for an electric whisk and you have a hand whisk and a drill your in business. The point being that I thought about it, not for long granted and it seems to me that there's not enough thinking going on these days, maybe it's because we aren't taught or encouraged to think any more. We should do more, and yes this isn't the best example of thinking a human has ever done, but it was a thought none the less, and it's thought that put a man on the moon (if of course you believe that actually happened) it's thought that created the internal combustion engine and it's thought that set humans at the top of the pile and if want to stay there then we need to keep thinking.

By the way the make shift electric whisk worked very well :-)

Thanks for reading.

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  1. like the whisk and yes, your underlying point is extremely valid!