Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Rocks rock ... ...

I thought I'd post about my rock, it was a stone from the garden that my son painted for me for fathers day, I think it's great, and I thought that if the weathers been bad where you are why not grab a couple of stones from the garden, or the beach if the weathers okay, or where ever else stones and rocks like to live and give them a paint.

It's something that may give the kids something to do for a while, it's not a new idea, people have been painting rocks,stones and such like for years, I pretty sure I painted them in school when I was a kid, although I may not be remembering correctly, brains not as good as it used to be.

All you need are some paints, acrylic type paints will be best, but other paints work, you could add a little pva glue to poster paints, or you can even stick stuff to them to make them look like bugs and other things.
I did a quick search, I was surprised at how many different designs people have used, there's a lot of inspiration out there.

Here's my rock -

Rock's are great :-)

As you can see mine has eyes, these can be bought from craft shops, or anywhere that sells crafty type stuff, most pound shops sell this type of thing, so it doesn't have to cost a fortune, and it's good fun for kids and adults alike.

Here are some sites that have painted rocks - (links open in new windows)

Or if you feeling a bit daring just google (or use your search engine of choice) "Painted rocks " or " Rock painting " As I said I was surprised at the designs some people have used on rocks, some look like cats curled up, some look like faces, and it seems some people make a living out of selling painted rocks, but either way it's a good fun project and they make great little gifts.

Thanks for reading.

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