Friday, 4 June 2010

An introduction ... ...

Where to start ?

I'm hoping that people will find this blog a useful place to visit for some inspiration on what to do with all sorts of things, from gardening to making things, keeping the kids amused and educated, and anything and everything in between, I'm also hoping people will read it as well :-)

My family and I have over the last few years begun to make more of what we have, for example this year the garden we have is growing more fruit and veg than it ever has, we have even extend the crops to the front garden, although not on such a scale, we are lucky enough to have a fair sized garden, although even if the garden were smaller it wouldn't stop us, it would just require a better plan than we use now, the size of garden you have shouldn't stop you either, you'd be surprised at what you can grow in a small space.

We have also invested money in things so that we can get into making things for ourselves (where possible) and so we can make things to sell, or use around the house and garden, this saves money and by recycling things we help the environment as well.

I will be including ideas on what to do with things rather than throw them away, and how to help others recycle things they don't want, free stuff is great :-) are you a member of any local recycling groups ? like freecycle for example.

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