Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Handmade leather cuff type bracelet ...

I thought I'd post a quick how to on how to make a leather cuff type bracelet, for just a couple of quid.

It's pretty easy really, all you need is an old leather belt, the thicker the better and some press studs, which you can buy in various places, but if you buy on line you could probably find them very cheaply.

Here's what I'm on about -

Total cost is about £1.00

It's made from an old belt, this one I got from a charity shop for £1.00 it was just a plain black leather belt, and I should be able to get at least 2 bracelets from it, although this does depend on how big they need to be, I don't have very thick wrists.

You will need a few other bits and pieces as well as a belt and a press stud kit, you'll need a hammer to fix the press studs together, a tape measure (or another bracelet) to work out how much of the belt you'll need, some strong scissors to cut the belt, and something to punch holes into the leather with, I have a leather punch, but you could use a drill bit, or a Philips type screw driver.

Supplies at the ready - 

Of we go.

I started by cutting the buckle off the belt so that I wouldn't have any holes in my bracelet, but you could use the section with holes in, maybe put studs in the holes or some other type of decoration.

Belt sectioned up, ready for phase 2 - 

A good pair of scissors are handy for cutting leather.

I used the first bracelet (prototype if you like) as a length guide for this one - 

Nearly done.

The next step is to position one part of each press stud on the leather strip and mark the leather so you know where to punch out the holes that the press studs will go through.

Marking the ends - 

Use something pointy to mark where the holes will go.

Both ends marked.

You need to make the holes about the same size as the part of the press stud that goes through the material, which is about 4mm, then once you have a hole at each end of the leather you can go ahead with adding the press studs.

Press studs ready - 

There are actually 4 separate parts which will make up each half of the stud.
The press stud kit came with the little tools that you use to fix it altogether, it's basically a punch that bends the metal of one part of the stud round the other part, which is why you need a hammer, a couple of fairly hard hits and the stud should be fixed, as this is made from leather I went for some heavy duty press studs.

Studs fitted and secure - 

Part 'A' this part fits over the stud and snaps into place.

The other side of part 'A' in the picture above.

Part 'B' the stud.

The other side of part 'B'

Now all that's needed is a little tidying up of the ends, I just rounded them off with the scissors, I used a circle to draw round with a marker, then cut round it.

Ends marked and ready for cutting - 

Just cut round this end.
And this end.

And that's it all done, one simple to make leather cuff type bracelet - 


I might need to make the ends a little tidier.

I've seen plain leather bracelets like this for as little as £5 and as much as £30 ! I've made two (so far) for £2 and I have enough leather to make at least two more, not bad and saves money, which has to be a good thing, and if you don't like the plain look you could always find a patterned leather belt, or add some kind of decoration to a plain one, the other bracelet in the pictures above was made for me by my wife for our third wedding anniversary, it's also made from leather, you can read about it on my wife's blog (opens in new window)

" But times are hard and thrills are cheaper
  As your arms get shorter, your pockets get deeper "

                        Guns n Roses -  Right Next Door To Hell.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I know my sis would LOVE one of these and i have one of those hole punch thingys which i have nevere used...yet. on my to do list. thanks!

    1. No problem, this is the first time I've actually used the punch on leather, we normally use it to make holes in gift tags for christmas and birthday presents.