Friday, 30 July 2010

Old cd's / dvd's make great bird scarer's...

Do you have a load of old cd's or dvd's lying around ?

Well here's something to amuse the kid's for a hour or so for the holidays, turning old disc's into bird scarer's.

I always seem to have loads of old disc's lying around, I use linux so I'm always burning cd's to try out alpha's and beta's of operating systems, app's and such like, as well as disc's that get sent through the post, so I decided to do something with them, and seeing as we like to grow our own veg and stuff bird scarer's seemed like a good idea.

It's easy enough to turn a disc into a bird scarer, just put a hole in it, so you can hang it up on something, and then, put it in the garden near to what ever it is you don't want the birds to go near, the more the merrier.

Like this -

In our case the main reason for using them was the peas or rather the birds that kept eating them (specifically doves and pigeons) they work well, this year not one dove/pigeon has tried eating the peas, however the same can't be said for the kids, I'm all for kids eating fresh veg, but leave some on the plants :-) so as it turns out, what we saved from the birds just got eaten by the kids, I am now planning some kind of child scaring device (not really)

Now if you want to get a touch more creative, just open up your craft cupboard/box (if you have one) and let the kids make some slightly more decorative bird scarer's, all you need is glue and some glitter and other bit's and bob's.
I'm not sure how long the ones we made would last as they were, so before I put them to use outside I shall spray them with a spray on varnish/lacquer or give them some kind of coating to protect them a bit.

Here's a few my kids made -

Cool aren't they.

If you don't need bird scarer's then make them into artwork, or make them for someone who does have a need to scare a few birds away, either way it's better than chucking them in the bin.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice trick, my dad uses my cast off CDRs for these too.
    I found that magazine disks work well and even if rotted to hell still reflect enough light to work.

  2. Hi, I've used the old magazine disks before for this.
    I also found that having them hooked up to a servo wiggler works well when the wind speed is zero.
    Motion activated also works :-)